Sunday, September 9, 2012


Students from my EME 2040 - Introduction to Technology for Educators at Edison State College - Collier Campus will be using blogs to posts assigned chapter journals.  These journal posts will provide an avenue for reflecting upon and interacting with the required textbook, Transforming Learning with New Technologies by Robert W. Maloy, Ruth-Ellen Verock-O'Loughlin, Sharon Edwards, and Beverly Park Woolf.  In the process, students will learn about the art of creating a personalized web 2.0 website with enhancements such as hyperlinks, images, and videos...all of which will be transferred to future wiki and e-portfolio creations.  

A sample EME 2040 blog shows how to get started with the three required elements in the chapter reviews.  In addition, there are some short tutorials here to supplement the 'how to' demonstrations provided in class:
How to Hyperlink
How to Add a CC Image with Attribution
How to Insert a Video

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